Do you remember when you were young? If you didn't have photos of yourself, how would you picture a 4-year-old you? Would the details be gone? Like an old polaroid, a hazy soft reminder of yesterday. I am in love with blur, with colors and light that dance and sing, where there are no defined lines to interpret what they are dancing to. Light and color blend together creating an enchanting, ethereal effect. That imagery pulls at that nostalgic notion that the pictures I create could be a remnant of long ago. My photography is described as dreamy, whimsical, romantic, enchanting, the list can go on. My style consists of my wistful desire to create images floating in my mind. It's the dreamy, soft, foggy, rainbow-colored sun glare that I love photographing the most. My love for polaroids and vintage slip dresses add to the mix, the dreamer the better. Oh, and faux~fur please!  The light in my images need to dance. Light with little rules can be the "wild child" and that creates magic! A photograph is just a fragment of our existence, the beauty of our souls, our lives linger beyond our years through beautiful imagery. Our Stories fade, beautiful photography is a reminder that helps narrate memories of the past, and what we pass down to our children. When you book a session with SEEDS Studio, I hope you are in awe with your images, fall in love with their beauty.  No matter the narrative, my goal, to capture the wonders of your story. 

Scottie Magro Is a self-taught Fashion Photography who's love affair with her camera started in High School. Her go-to "dream lens " is her Lens baby composer pro. ( with multiple optics) When she's not photographing fashion, she is creating dreamy High School Senior Sessions around Metro Detroit, Chicago, and New York.

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I am a mentor for Child Safe of Michigan. You can be too!! Child Safe is a nonprofit that provides foster care services to neglected and abused children. The mentoring program provides community-based mentoring to youth in the foster care system. There are roughly 13,000 kids in foster homes in the state of Michigan. Many more are at risk kids and teens that are in need of guidance and help. Giving A little time makes a world of difference. For more information about Child Safe and how you can become a Mentor visit the website